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Hello, and welcome to Doler & Senses. My name is Doler Shah, and I am an entrepreneur in the Washington, DC Metro area.

Together, my husband and I have owned many restaurants and service oriented businesses in the area, but now I decided it’s time to branch out. Along with the launch of this website is the launch of my new brand, Doler & Senses. Doler & Senses is my “craft” brand. As many of my restaurant patrons are aware, I make jewelry, create fashion, paint, and do furniture design among other things. I will also start holding cooking classes in the next few months, and this is where that information will be located.

Please check back regularly, as I plan to learn how to update this site, and keep changing the information, with the help of my son, Aaditya Shah, and my daughter, Harriti Shah.



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  1. Shilpi Shah says:

    Hi Doler Auntie, congratulations on your latest venture! let me know if you’re adding an Indian cookbook to your products, for all those not in the D.C. area. I’ll be the first buyer:):)! Looking forward to seeing this progress, good luck!!!

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